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CORE Outsourcing: Executive Education

CORE (The Centre of Outsourcing Research & Education) is a unique non-for-profit organization in Canada that focuses on the Outsourcing Industry servicing Buyers, Sellers and Advisors.  CORE serves as a Canadian community hub to help companies manage risks and optimize the value of outsourcing relationships by delivering relevant, practical and ever-evolving executive education and research.  There are 6 open enrollment courses (2 days each) that follow the Outsourcing Life-cycle:

  1. Governance and Relationship Management: Fall 2016
  2. Selecting the Service Provider – Negotiating the Contract: Fall 2016
  3. Transition Management: Fall 2016
  4. Strategy and Scoping: Fall 2016
  5. AOP Bundle
  6. Risk Management: Fall 2016

*Check back in the future for specific dates

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R3P Managing Director, Grant Geminiuc has been on the executive faculty of CORE for the past 8 years. During 2013, Mr. Geminiuc co-authored the rebuild of the Strategy & Scoping course, as well as the Transition Management course.  Both courses are infused with R3P methodology, experiences and thought leadership; as well as a broader body of best practices from the CORE community.  This is a mutually beneficial relationship with bi-directional updates on a frequent basis. http://www.core-outsourcing.org/executive-education/FACULTY/index.php



CORE Outsourcing: Strategy & Scoping Course

The planning and preparation done prior to entering into an outsourcing arrangement establish the foundation for success. The course provides key insights into the strategic drivers for outsourcing and the alignment of business and sourcing strategies, and identifies the baseline information a buyer must have in order to successfully engage the provider community and evaluate options. The course also describes various deal structures and pricing models to be considered.

CORE Outsourcing: Selecting The Service Provider – Negotiating The Contract

Selecting the right service provider and negotiating a contract that supports the business objectives of the transaction are two of the keys to successful outsourcing. A provider with a proven track record and demonstrable capability, combined with a contract that clearly defines the scope of the services to be delivered and the terms and conditions governing the delivery of service, are key components of a foundation for success.  Topics addressed in this course include the pros/cons of sole-source versus competitive  sourcing, the  development of effective  sourcing documents (e.g., RFI, RFP), how to prepare for contract negotiations, and a review of contract structures and key terms and condition.

CORE Outsourcing: Transition Course

This course focuses on the transition of a service from either an internal service delivery model to an outsourced model or from one service provider to another.  Throughout the two days, participants will learn about the need for a well-structured transition plan that includes people considerations, technology, business processes, communications, stakeholder management, financial management and cultural change.  The course also addresses the importance of identifying key stakeholders and establishing stakeholder expectations throughout the duration of an outsourcing arrangement, including the transition phase.

CORE Outsourcing: Governance & Relationship Management Course

This course is key to successfully managing complex buyer/provider relationships. Research performed by CORE and by others indicate that effective and collaborative governance and management of the relationship between buyer and provider is the single most critical contributor to achieving objectives and driving business value. Governance & Relationship Management (G&RM) identifies the leading practices in outsourcing governance and describes in detail the components of a proven governance framework, including the core management processes that should be operationalized, the buyer/provider interactions that should regularly take place, and the benefits that will accrue.

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