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Managing 3rd Party Risk of IT Offshore Sourcing Programs

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As outsourcing has increased, so has the presence of offshore teams with many leading and upcoming IT service providers now setting up teams at offshore delivery centers.   Offshore teams have a tremendous opportunity for cost savings and scalability. However, they add a new dimension to an already complex organization structure where IT services are […]

8 Ways to Identify Big IT Contract Savings in Just 30 Days

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Is your organization under pressure to cut costs? Are you looking to maximize your IT efficiency without sacrificing your strategic IT goals?   IT Cost Take Out All organizations are under pressure to cut costs while improving services during the current world economic challenges.  Once business growth and the demands on IT to move quickly begin to […]

4 Steps to Accelerate Your Business Process in 30 Days

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Trying to reduce labor costs while improving customer service?  Do you want to accelerate your multi-year ROI “transformation program” for consolidation, legacy modernization, BPO and/or digitization effort? Let R3P show you how to realize cost reductions within 30-day waves leveraging an automated agile approach.  We can also accelerate your consolidation benefits so you won’t wait […]