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6 Must-Read Project Management Books

Posted By marketinggarage / November 15, 2016 / Books, Consulting / 0 Comments

Choosing a good book to read can be a challenge. There are countless project management books to choose from and, with limited time on your hands, we know how important it is for you to choose a book that is worthwhile. Find books that will provide you with key lessons and insights that will make you better at project managing.

Project Management Books

We’ve put together the following list of great project management books worth reading:

1. The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

Author: Eric Verzuh

Overview: “For any professional responsible for coordinating projects among different departments, across executive levels, or with technical complexity, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management offers comprehensive instruction on how to deliver on time and on budget. Get the step-by-step advice you need to find the right sponsor, clarify objectives, and set realistic schedules and budget projections.”

2. Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done…Nothing More

project management lite

Author: Juana Clark Craig

Overview: “For beginners who find themselves in charge of a project but have no clue where to start or those who are struggling or feel overwhelmed, Project Management Lite focuses less on the theory and more on the action with simple worksheets and checklists.”

3. Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams

Author: Terry Schmidt

Overview: “The central premise of Strategic Project Management Made Simple is that most projects and strategies never get off the ground because of ad hoc, haphazard, and obsolete methods used to turn their ideas into coherent and actionable plans. Strategic Project Management Made Simple is the first book to couple a step-by-step process with an interactive thinking tool that takes a strategic approach to designing projects and action initiatives.”

4. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (Theory in Practice)

Author: Scott Berkun

Overview: “Making Things Happen offers in-depth exercises to help you apply lessons from the book to your job. It is inspiring, funny, honest, and compelling, and definitely the one book that you and your team need to have within arm’s reach throughout the life of your project.”

5. Brilliant Project Management: What the best project managers know, do, and say

brilliant project management

Author: Stephan Barker

Overview: “Whether you are organizing an important event or heading up a large team, running a project can be a daunting process. Spiraling costs and missed deadlines are part of everyday life for many project managers – in fact, more projects fail than succeed!

“But project management doesn’t have to be this way.  It is possible to manage projects that consistently meet deadlines and come in within budget. Brilliant Project Management shows you how. Drawing on over 30 years of experience, you’ll discover how to ensure your projects succeed every time.”

6. Project Management Nation: Tools, Techniques, and Goals for the New and Practicing IT Project Manager

Author: Jason Charvat

Overview:IT project management has become one of the most demanding and rewarding professions of the information age. Whether you’re an experienced project manager or new to the profession, Project Management Nation helps you answer every demand with more speed, confidence, and skill. Once you’ve done that, the rewards will take care of themselves.”

Pick up one or a few of these project management books to get ideas, strategies, and tips to improve your project management capabilities.

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